Master Franchisee

Master Franchisee


Master Franchisee– For the serious franchise investor, our Master Franchise program allows you to reap the rewards of your salad franchise investment by earning growth income on the development of your area. Master Franchisee investments are for those want to own an area, but not necessarily multiple units. Instead, they open at least one “showcase” unit, then use their sales and people skills to introduce franchise candidates and other entrepreneurs to The Big Salad Franchise Company. Master Franchisees receive a percentage of the franchise fee and ongoing royalties from store owners within their area. Other than periodic store inspections by the area representative, most other responsibilities are handled by the store owners and The Big Salad Franchise Company. Master Franchisees commit to a minimum of 10 units (at least one to be owned by the Area Representative) and are required to have previous experience in the franchise industry.

Start-Up Costs Area Representative

What are my Start Up Costs to Be an Area Representative?
In addition to the start-up costs to be a Franchisee, the following costs apply for a 10-unit commitment.

Income Stream

Receive a Percentage of Franchise Fees
Receive a Monthly Percentage of Royalties

Type of Expenditure
Area Representative Fee $122,500
Other Estimated Opening Costs $5,000
Total Estimated Cost $127,500

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